List of things to remember

Are you excited to move in to your new house? Or is the excitement beginning to wear off given the list of impending task of packing and unpacking? Well, you’ve landed up at the right place for answers. Our tried and tested tips will help you keep your sanity throughout the process, so that you are well-prepared for the move.

  1. Pack smart and over a week – instead of including everything on one weekend.
  2. Make arrangements for your mail to be directed to your new address.
  3. Inform your bank, credit card companies and any other financial institution about your move.
  4. Settle all bills for grocery, newspaper or any other routine before the move.
  5. Put together a bag of essentials for the big move so you don’t miss out on any important steps.
  6. Have a baby-sitter on the day of the move if you have small kids.
  7. Defrost your refrigerator after discarding food you aren’t going to carry with you.
  8. Pack aside a refreshment box and toiletries so rest of the stuff can be packed away.
  9. Keep all valuables like important papers and jewelry with you, to be carried personally.
  10. Keep your phone fully charged on the day of the move, you never know what might come up!
  11. Lastly, get a good night’s sleep on the night before you have to move. You’ll need the rest!

We understand that moving out of a home which is filled with memories can be difficult, but make it easier for the family and self by thinking about life ahead. Plan the décor and a spot for your favorite pieces of art and décor, well in advance. The sooner you get organized, the faster you’ll be able to settle in.

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